SmartGuard+ is a leading provider of Visitor Authentication and Management Solutions. Our VAMS software engine registers over 150,000 daily visitors and is used by many Fortune 500 companies.

When combined with our SmartGuard+ body temperature tablet, customers can rest assured that no one in their workplace has an elevated body temperature.

SmartGuard+ is now also available to small business owners who don’t have a high budget like the Fortune 500 companies. For one small monthly fee, small business owners can now also keep their workplace safe & secure with SmartGuard+.

SmartGuard+ is a division of 

Why SmartGuard+

As a result of the global pandemic, while businesses and schools are struggling to find ways to reopen employees and customers need to feel confident they won’t become ill when returning to work, school and leisure activities.


SmartGuard+ is the ideal solution. It has built-in audio & visual alarms which are triggered when employees & visitors are detected having elevated body temperature or not wearing a mask. SmartGuard+ is also a comprehensive visitor management system. Visitors must first display their valid appointment QR code, pass a face recognition scan and have normal body temperature prior to be allowed into your workplace.




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