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Facial Recognition*

This feature can work even with a mask on and only allows members to enter. (*optional feature)

Scheduling & Reservations

Your guests can schedule meetings or make reservations easily, saving them the time to wait in lines for verification.

Real time Monitoring

You will be able to manage the number of guests that are currently present on your premises easily to avoid crowding.

Touchless Visitor Entry

Make your guests feel safe while entering your premise with a completely touchless and easy visitor entry system.

Body Temp Scanning

Your guests' body temperature will be detected automatically, without the hassle of a temp gun.

Mask Detection

Your guests' entry will be regulated based on the mask requirement.

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Lessen the crowding with reservations, ensure all guests, chefs and staff members have regular body temperatures and are wearing a mask.

Spas & Salons

Make your customers safer with temperature and mask scanning and maintain social distancing in the waiting area with pre-appointments.

Professional Offices

SmartGuard+ helps ensure waiting clients have normal body temperature and confirmed appointments. It also ensures the medical staff wear their protective face masks.

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You can place a SmartGuard+ device in the main entrance lobby, auditorium or in front of every classroom to ensure your staff and students are safe.

Fitness Centers

You can ensure that only the members are allowed to enter using face recognition. They would also be restricted from entering if they have a high body temperature.

Nursing Homes

Your security staff can be alerted of any potential threat to or by the Senior citizens who are the most vulnerable in these times.

Your business can still thrive in the 


SmartGuard+ is a body temperature & mask detector. Prior to employees & customers entering your place of business, they must first be scanned for acceptable body temperature and/or wearing a face mask. SmartGuard+ can also scan QR codes and recognize peoples’ faces (and palms). Therefore, it can also confirm scheduled appointments and restrict door access to only registered employees & visitors. 



Simple functionality, robust

Why SmartGuard+

As a result of the global pandemic, while businesses and schools are struggling to find ways to reopen employees and customers need to feel confident they won’t become ill when returning to work, school and leisure activities.


SmartGuard+ is the ideal solution. It has built-in audio & visual alarms which are triggered when employees & visitors are detected having elevated body temperature or not wearing a mask. SmartGuard+ is also a comprehensive visitor management system. Visitors must first display their valid appointment QR code, pass a face recognition scan and have normal body temperature prior to be allowed into your workplace.

Manufacturers’ Disclaimer:

SmartGuard+ is not an FDA-cleared device.  It incorporates a telethermographic system intended to provide an initial body temperature reading for triage use, only. Body temperature readings recorded by SmartGuard+ should not be relied upon to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of any other disease. Elevated body temperature readings by SmartGuard+ should be confirmed with secondary evaluation methods (e.g., clinical grade contact thermometer). Public health officials should determine the significance of any elevated temperature based on the body telethermographic temperature measurement reported by SmartGuard+.




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